TRL-SM-2012-175 or TRL-SM-2012-205

The TRL-SM-2012 is a bolt-together Arc-Liner series trailer that will hold most engine driven welders and powerplant generators. It comes standard with a 2″ ball hitch. However, optional equipment include: a 301S Saf-T-Cart cylinder stand, a lunette eye hitch, a pull-pin hitch, and larger wheels.

 Cart Specs

 Height: 27″

Width: 58″

Weight: 410 lb.

Wheels: SC-175 (24″x6.6″, 4ply, 5 lug pneumatic wheels with a 1100 lb. weight cap.), or SC-205 (26.3″x7.8″, 4 ply, 5 lug pneumatic wheels with a 1430 lb. weight cap.)

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