Carolina new logo cropped 6-28-2019

The mission of CPS, Inc is to provide the finest quality products and services to our customers in a highly professional manner and to do this more efficiently and economically than our competitors. Through continuous improvement and personal development of our employees, CPS, Inc. will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and succeed as a profitable business. We will meet our customers’ needs by utilizing the latest technology and standards in professional service. Meeting these goals will assure that our customers will continue to do business with us and recommend us to others.

Carolina Piping Services can provide all the following:

  • Oxygen Cleaning: copper, stainless, brass, monel, and carbon steel.
  • Passivation: crucial for stainless steel. CPS uses the most modern chemical and electronic passivating process
  • Micorbulk Gas & Bulk Gas Medical Manifold systems
  • Microbulk Gas & Bulk Gas Industrial Manifold sytems
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