C6-6CH web

The C6-6CH is a cylinder bank designed to hold six 9.5” high-pressure cylinders. Equipped with six in-line casters, this cradle is highly maneuverable yet exceptionally stable when loaded. These casters are inset in the frame for extra stability. The updated frame makes this cradle even more maneuverable than ever. The C6-6CH ships with four-sided upper forklift access, complementing four-corner lifting ears and a lifting eye. The bottom features two-sided forklift access. Order manifold separately; just specify the CGA number when ordering.


Height: 80.44″
Width: 22.34″
Depth: 32.34″
Weight: 349 lbs.
Cylinder capacity: 6 ea.
Weight Capacity: 1950 lbs.
Wheels: SC-67, SC-68