Using state of the art CAD design, we handcraft your trailer using computers to ensure precision design. Computer-drawn design enables us to begin our quality control process before construction even begins, guaranteeing the highest quality.

Because our design process begins with computers and CAD programs, we can give you a truly customized pallet truck or trailer to suit your individual needs. Every pallet trailer is individually created for each unique customer based on their specific needs. To that end, we use CAD drawings to design our trailers before construction begins so that we can build the trailer you need to take your business to the next level.

Our goal isn’t just to make the best pallet trucks and trailers on the market; it’s to provide you with the best trailer for your operation based on your wants and needs. That’s why we let you dictate the design based on what you need to make your business work better. Whether it’s the number of pallets per trailer or the size of the trailer itself, our goal is to provide you with what you need to strip all limitations away from your company and maximize your potential.

From each individual weld to the powder-coated paint job, every Saf-T-Cart pallet trailer andtruck is handbuilt. Our hands on construction process, overseen by a single engineer, means every trailer and truck that leaves is a quality product of the highest caliber.

Palletizing your cylinder deliveriy trailer leads to an immediate improvement in operational efficiency. A palletized operation immediately boosts efficiency by moving and storing cylinders in bulk for a quick turn around; a palletized truck or trailer allows you to capture that same proficiencty in a variety of ways. Though a pallet trailer can be docked for single cylinder delivery, its ability to load and unload from the side make it the quickest and most versatile way to deliver your cylinders.

Simplify your entire gas operation by adding a Saf-T-Cart pallet trailer or truck to your fleet. Adding a pallet trailer allows you to streamline your operation by controlling every movement of your cylinders from refilling to delivery. By adding a truck or trailer to your fleet, you can take total control of your gas distribution operation. With a pallet trailer, your have control over your cylinders from their arrival at the fill plant to their eventual distribution to individual sites.


  • Complete control over your gas distribution operation leads to better operational efficiency.
  • Load and unload pallets without docking, thanks to side-loading capabilities.
  • Still capable of loading and unloading individual cylinders while docked or via lift gate.
  • Pallets utilize a picket and hold-down strap system for superior load security.
  • Accelerated loading process due to prestaged loads and multiple forklift access.
  • Individual, custom creation means you get the pallet truck or trailer you need to get the job done.
  • Self-contained storage units allow you to store your pallets and cylinders as well as transport them.


  • Placards
  • Mud flaps
  • Toolboxes
  • Fences
  • Optional liftgates
  • Nesting picket design for stability
  • D.O.T. required reflective tape
  • Customizable colors


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